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GshawMedia helps you produce high quality, low cost promotional videos for your business. Maximize your online search ranking by discovering the best ways to market your brand’s image through video. Collaborate with seasoned professionals who take your company’s current media effort and turn it into a unique and enterprising video campaign. Our full-service creative production team offers you years of experience from media intelligence through to web distribution. We look forward to working with you!

From small businesses to global companies, we are your go-to production agency. Think big, think web… call 213-446-2128.

 Create Successful Online Business Videos

Online business videos for promotions

I instruct online business video workshops, “Create Successful Online Business Videos,” for private clients, companies and colleges. This is a terrific way to learn how to create dynamic online promotional content! Most business owners don’t have the time to figure out online trends, highly visible video techniques, and what’s working on the web. This workshop is designed for you and your staff, and is an affordable way to find out how to maximize your brand’s Google ranking by producing competitive videos. Your business will also receive a comprehensive, take-home Production Kit. Please go to the CONTACT page and send me an email to set up a meeting.

Finding your App-etite!

Korean Creative Content Agency Hosted Seminar with the Producers Guild of America

Panelists answer questions after the KOCCA and PGA Seminar

Everyone’s looking for a way to find cool, affordable Computer Generated graphics for their movies, TV shows, games, webisodes and Apps. I found the solution to deliver high-end graphics on a very low-end budget: Partner with Korean companies.

The Korean Creative Content Agency co-hosted a seminar with the Producers Guild of America Mobile committee: “Multi-Platform Content and Distribution: Opportunities in Korea.”

Check out my current post, Our New App-etities,  about the amazingly useful research I learned at this event.

(Thanks to John Knox-Davies for the photographs)

Blog Highlights

PGA Special Event at Disneyland

The Producers Guild of America invited its members to Disneyland for a fun-filled evening featuring the amazing new technicolor water attraction – a visual and technical feat.

We learned all about the creation through design to the deliverables from the creators and designers  in a panel discussion… And we thought producing TV and movies was hard work… wait until you see this Wonderful World of Color water display!

The PGA meets Mickey Mouse in Full Water Technicolor

PGA visits the Wonderful World

(photos by John Knox-Davies)